Shaun Thornburgh

Shaun Thornburgh

Full Stack Developer
I'm a Full Stack Developer specialised in frontend and backend development for complex scalable web apps. I write about software development on my blog. Want to know how I may help your project? Check out my project portfolio and online resume.

What I do

I have more than 18 years of experience building web based apps. Below is a quick overview of my main technical skill sets and technologies I use. Want to find out more about my experience? Check out my online resume and project portfolio.


PHP has been my language of choice for over 18 years. I have used many MVC frameworks (mostly Laravel and Symfony), however I would class Laravel as my preference to work with. I well versed with most aspects of web application development including REST APIs, OOP etc.

Front End

I wouldn't class myself as a designer! However I am happy with building and updating user interfaces. Historically I have used HTML, CSS, Bootstrap and jQuery, but I have recently started using Vue.js. I also work with Webpack for asset management.


MySQL is my databse of choice, however I have some experience with NoSQL such as MongoDB.


I use TDD (Test Driven Development) including unit testing and feature testing as a standard part of my development process.


For Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment I have mostly been using Circle CI, however I have also been using Github Actions lately. My deployment pipelines include Teraform for provisioning AWS instances and Asible scripts for software configuration deployment, and automation scripts (GitHub Action Workflow files).


I have worked with dedicated servers, vps and also scalable cloud services such Amazon Web Services (AWS), Digital Ocean and Heroku.

Server Administration

I have been using Linux for many years, in particular Ubuntu. Locally I have been working with Vagrant and Homestead and more recently I have also worked with Docker.

Project Management

The majority of my contracts have used Jira for task management and Git for version control. I have also used BitBucket.


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